Dear Captain,

It is the intention of MYBA, GEPY, ItalianYachtMasters, Yacht Captains Association and the PYA to encourage young people to enter the yachting sector. This is a reaction to the predicted shortfall in the numbers of crew required to meet the industry's needs over the next decade (currently shown as 30,000). 

We are in a position to encourage local colleges and schools throughout France and Italy to send students on work placements onboard yachts for all departments; and if this survey is positive we intend to explore other regions and countries to be included in this incentive. It is our intention to make yachting careers and the yachting sector more accessible to young people, and offer a better structure and guidance for the options available.

Your yacht does not have to be based in France or Italy to participate, as students can travel.  We are targeting the periods out of season (winter months), as the work placements are often short (between one week and 6 weeks). However we would also be open to yachts taking students at other times of the year.

If they can spend time onboard during the winter, the students can use this time to become familiar with the yacht work and safety procedure. Then when the season starts, they will have had real work experience and will be able to offer more to our industry than completely 'green' crew.

This survey is to determine if your yacht would be willing to mentor students onboard. If you show an interest, we will send out further correspondence at the end of the season with more details regarding the role of those involved.

We'd be very appreciative if you could please take a few minutes to complete this short survey....

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* 2. Would you be willing to consider taking on a student for a work placement position onboard?

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* 3. If you are not interested in this initiative, please explain why. (You will then be taken to the end of the survey with no need for any further questions)