Please participate in this survey and help us get a better understanding of how it is for professionals from abroad to work in Denmark. We want to find out how job seekers find a job and also what challenges they experience to find work or to further their career in Denmark.

The results of the survey will be shared on the Worktrotter Website as an independent resource for people new to Denmark to get a better orientation on to the Danish labour market.

Please spread the information about this survey with your friends, colleagues etc. The more answers we get, the more helpful the information will be.

You can find more information about the Worktrotter-surveys on http://goo.gl/uD0Fg and a lot of helpful information about finding work in Denmark on the Worktrotter webpage http://www.worktrotter.dk.

Thanks for your participation and GOOD LUCK!
Dagmar Fink
- Worktrotter DK -
contact @ worktrotter.dk

* 1. How would you rate Denmark as a place to work?

* 2. Please give some explanations about why you chose the rating above.
What do you like / what do you dislike on Danish workplaces?

* 3. What was the main trigger for your move to Denmark?

* 4. How did you find your latest job in Denmark?

* 5. How long did it take until you found work in Denmark?

* 6. How does your job level in Denmark compare to the job you had in the country you came from?

* 7. How does your salary level in Denmark compare to the salary you had in the country you came from - taking into consideration the respective costs of living?

* 8. What is your approximate monthly salary in Denmark (before tax)? (Information remains anonymous)

* 9. What kind of profession are you in?

* 10. Which characteristic of the Danish work culture has surprised you most? Give an example of a related experience.

* 11. Looking back, what information would you like to have had about Danish work life, Danish work places, Danish work colleagues, Danish culture? How would this knowledge have helped you? E.g. what situations would you have been able to avoid?

* 12. What challenges (if any) did you experience to find work or to advance in your career in Denmark?

* 13. What is your educational background?

* 14. Which taxation rules apply to you?

* 15. How well do you know Danish?

* 16. How long have you lived in Denmark?

* 17. What is your age group?

* 18. Where do you live in Denmark?

* 19. What country do you originate from?

* 20. Any other comments?