"Deconstructing the Glass Ceiling:  Powerful Strategies to Navigate Your Way to the Top"

In our continued effort to serve Women in Construction membership, we would like to gain insights regarding your experience in navigating your professional career within the construction industry.

The Women in Construction Survey has been designed to enhance your engagement with the organization and to tailor programming to meet your career needs. For this year’s Conference, we want to obtain your thoughts on issues that impact your ability to access professional career development opportunities and to “showcase” your leadership capabilities.

We appreciate, in advance, you taking the time to complete the Survey. Please note that Survey responses are done anonymously and are confidential.  Questions have been designed to take no more than 15-20 minutes of your time. Your input is invaluable.

* 1. What is your job role?

* 2. I am satisfied with my opportunities for professional growth.

* 3. I am satisfied that I have the opportunities to apply my talents and expertise.

* 4. Independent of my job title, I am a leader in my organization.

* 5. I am comfortable exercising my own authority.

* 6. In my organization, I adapt quickly to difficult situations.

* 7. I proactively identify future challenges and opportunities in solving business issues.

* 8. I take the initiative to help other members on my team when the need arises.

* 9. I understand how my work impacts the organization's business goals.

* 10. Communicating with senior leaders within my organization is one of my strengths.

* 11. I currently have a professional development plan that supports my growth as a leader.

* 12. I am satisfied with my overall compensation.