Through our Women Bike program and Equity Initiative the League is committed to sharing best practices and helping to grow efforts that are advancing equity in bicycling. To inform this effort, we welcome your input to 1) benchmark key demographics among bicycling organizations, 2) identify initiatives related to equity and women around the country and 3) understand what resources would be helpful to YOU as we move forward with this critical work. Thank you for taking just a few moments to fill out the following questions.

* 1. Name

* 2. Email

* 3. Organization name

* 4. Organization type:

* 5. How many members of your board / leadership / management are...

* 6. How many members of your staff are...

* 7. What estimated percentage of your membership or customer base is...

  0% 1-10% 10-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%
Black / African American
Hispanic / Latino
Asian / Pacific Islander
People with Disabilities
Youth (Under 25 years of age)

* 8. Are you currently engaged in campaigns and/or outreach specifically aimed at encouraging more women to ride?

* 9. Are you currently working on campaigns and/or outreach specifically aimed at engaging other underrepresented communities (i.e. African American, Spanish-speaking, people with disabilities, LGBT communitity, etc)?

* 10. What League resources or programming would be of most interest to you in advancing your women's and equity-related initiatives?

  Little interest Some interest Strong interest Most interest
Equity toolkit — resources and best practices related to engaging underserved communities and empowering new leaders
Training and events — workshops on outreaching to and developing programming for underrepresented communities in your area
Model campaigns — key materials and real-world examples of women's outreach and other successful equity campaign
Information and contact clearinghouse — centralization of stories and best practices related to equity and women's outreach
Grassroots funding — grants to advance women's and equity work at the state and local level

* 11. What's the *most important thing the League could do* to help you overcome challenges or capitalize on opportunities to advance bicycle equity in your community?