Participation of Women and Girls in Lacrosse Survey

What is the aim of this project?
The aim of this project is to explore the current participation and satisfaction of Women and Girls in Lacrosse and any males who are involved in Women’s Lacrosse.

What are the benefits of this project?
The benefits of this project will be to make improvements to increase satisfaction for those currently involved and to increase the number of Women and Girls who can participate in the sport on all levels.

What does Participation mean?
For this project, participation includes all levels of Lacrosse. Which means, not just players, coaches, or umpires, but also volunteers, spectators, team managers, club committee members, individuals who provide content for Lacrosse Victoria’s or your Club’s Website and Facebook page, FastBreak Weekly, or other lacrosse forums, etc.

What do we want you to do?
We would like for Women and Girls who are actively involved in Lacrosse as well as any males who are involved in Women’s Lacrosse to complete the survey. We would appreciate a parent/guardian to assist young juniors with the survey. If a parent/guardian also actively participates themselves, we kindly ask for you to fill out a second survey about your own participation. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

We have PRIZES that you can win if you complete the survey! To go into the draw to win a prize, please provide us with your Name, Contact Number, and Email at the end of the survey.

Can I withdraw from this project?
Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. You may withdraw at any time and do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to.

Is this confidential?
All answers will remain confidential and no identifying information will be published in the analysis of this survey.

If you have any questions, please contact Lacrosse Victoria at or 9926 1390.

Thank you

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