Thank you for being a PLT facilitator and helping bring our award winning program to educators and students in Colorado.

Please submit this proposal 2 months before the proposed workshop. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.

When you are finished, please send an email to indicating that you have submitted this.

You may edit your request at any time following submission, but be sure to let us know that you did so with aother email!  Thanks.

* 1. Please fill out all information.

* 2. Date of proposed workshop:

* 3. What was the date (approximate) of your most recently presented workshop?

* 4. In what year did you become a Colorado Project Learning Facilitator?

* 5. Location of proposed workshop (facility & city/town-specific address if possible):

* 6. Times:

* 7. Co-Facilitator (s), if any:

* 8. Audience type (you may select more than one):

* 9. Is your workshop open to the public? If NO, list reason.

* 10. List any partnering or sponsoring agency or organization if any and tell what they are providing.

* 11. List the workshop theme, issue or primary topic focus, if any.

* 12. Number of PLT guides needed:

* 13. What is the fee for this workshop?

* 14. What is included for this fee besides the PLT guides and workshop materials (ie lunch, site fee, special materials, facilitator fee)?

* 15. Who will handle the advance registration?

* 16. Is credit available, and if so, how much and from which university? The workshop must be 8 hours long for one half credit or 16 hours long for one credit.

* 17. What are your plans for marketing this workshop?

* 18. What are your expected outcomes for this workshop?

* 19. What education topics, pedagogies, trends, standards will be included in this workshop?

* 20. Do you plan to include any online components in the agenda, or before or after the workshop? If so, describe, please. One example is to send out the online "Hike the PLT Website" as a pre-workshop assignment.

Thank you for your submission, and for volunteering to present a PLT workshop. Project Learning Tree remains successful because of thousands of facilitators like you across the country and around the world. Colorado PLT and the Colorado State Forest Service appreciate your contributions.

Don't forget to email to announce that this proposal has been completed and submitted. Please also email a copy of your agenda a few weeks before your workshop. Thanks so much!