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#1: Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Joseph Tanbakuchi, MD; Emily Ames; Spencer Johnson, MD)
#2: Hydroxycoumarin Imines (Brandon Welcome, Richard Brizendine, Emily Etter, Josh Smith, Kyle Nennecker & Christine Cremo)
#3: B12 Deficiency (Donald Mario Robert Harker, Bridget Martinez, Burton J. Tabaac)
#4: Reactive Arthritis (Zuzana Hall, MD; Mark Stovak, MD; Arthur Islas MD, MPH)
#5: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Katrina Marks, MS3; Alexa Allen, MS3; Adrienne Poteete, MS3)
#6: S. Nevada COVID in Minorities (Damien Medrano, MS4 Katie Velez, MS3 Donnis Davis, MS3, Robert Vargas, MS3, Dr. Slattery, M.D.)
#7: Adolescent Back Pain (Amy Scullion, Mark Stovak, Arthur Islas)
#8: Cortisol and Vitamin D (Nae Meng Chen, BS; Morganne Murphy-Meyers, BS; Casey Reid, BS; Megan Mosca, BS; Molly Thompson, BS; Chanidapa Klinhom, BS; Abishta Prabhu, BS; David Howard, MD PhD)
#9: Returning COVID Athletes (Marja-Liisa Magnuson, DO, Colin Fuller, MD, Mark Stovak, MD, Arthur Islas, MD)
#10: Mohs Surgery (Bridget Iziumenko, MS3)
#11: UNSOM Indigenous Ethics and Engagement (Cody Harry, MS3)
#12: DILI from Black Cohosh (Timothy Keene MD PGY2, Stephanie Zority MD PGY1, Thomas Hunt MD PD VHS Family Medicine Residency Program)
#13: Lobular Carcinoma (Sarah Sutton, BS; Kathryn Haran, BS; Cindy Lamerson, MD)
#14: Pediatric QIP (Luis Moreno MD, PGY2; Gaurav Zirath MD; Nilesh Gokal, MD)
#15: Spinal Cord MRI (Stone Skegrud, B.A., Michael Lee, B.S., Ronald Swanger, M.D.)
#16: COPES Study (Rhett Harmon, MS2; Dr. Elizabeth Haase, MD)
#17: Healthcare for Migrant Workers (Christian Jara, Brooke Clemmensen, Jessicia Schmitt, Cameron Burgess, Daniel Spogen, MD; Arthur Islas, MDl Toni Trout, Wendy Madson)
#18: Complex Ventral Incisional Hernia Repair (John-Henry Lambin MSIII; Kent Sasse, MD, MPH, FACRS, FASMBS)
#19: Ultramarathoner Nausea (Andrew V. Pasternak MD, David Fiore MD, Arthur Islas MD, Sarah Toti BS, and Martin D. Hoffman MD)

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