Alumni Information Survey: A Reflection on Your Time at Wingra School

Dear Wingra School graduates,

Please take a few moments to reflect on your time at Wingra School and how that relates to your current school situation. What went well for you? What do you think could be improved? How are you doing now?

Along with providing useful feedback about our program, your responses will also help us answer the most frequently asked question from families considering enrollment at Wingra School: “How is the transition from Wingra School to high school?”

Please know that any information you share is valuable. We appreciate the time it will take you to complete this survey and thank you for your support!

Mary and Paul

* 1. Current address:

* 2. What high school do you attend?

* 3. At Wingra, we emphasize learning as an intrinsically meaningful life-long process. What learning skills do you feel were well developed during your time at Wingra?

* 4. What learning skills do you feel were not well developed at Wingra?

* 5. At Wingra, we cultivate academic excellence in a manner that develops the whole child. What subject area strengths did you bring to high school?

* 6. Are there subject areas that you feel were not adequately addressed at Wingra?

* 7. At Wingra, we create an environment that fosters both relationships and independence. What social skills do you feel were well-developed at Wingra?

* 8. Are there social skills that you feel were not well-developed at Wingra?

* 9. At Wingra, we form partnerships to foster mutual learning and expanding opportunities. Please tell us how you are involved in your current school community.

* 10. At Wingra, we know that each person defines success in her or his own way; however, we are often asked for hard data about our graduates. If you're comfortable, please indicate your GPA range.

* 11. Are you considering college? If so, what colleges are you interested in?

* 12. Please share any recognition or awards you've received during your time in high school.

* 13. What advice or insights do you have for our graduating seniors during their last year of study at Wingra?

* 14. What feedback or suggestions do you have for the teachers working with our graduating seniors?

* 15. What else would you like to share about how you're doing?

* 16. From your current perspective, what is the value of a Wingra education?

* 17. How would you like to stay in touch with Wingra and with Wingra alumni?

* 18. Since leaving Wingra, which of the following have your done?