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We are grateful to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Business Councils and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices and the National Wildlife Federation for their support.

Some background about this project: We have been asked to gather perspectives and ideas about buffalo restoration on the Wind River Reservation. We hope to help with planning around the future of buffalo on Wind River. 

Your participation in this survey is voluntary, you may stop at any time. 

Who will see your name and your thoughts? 
You can choose how your participation is known. 
Option 1: Share your name. Your name could be shared with a quote. This option gives you credit for the thoughts and ideas you have shared. 
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Option 3: Anonymous. We will use "anonymous" instead of your name. 
How can we access the findings?
We will share gathered thoughts and ideas with Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho community leaders, THPO offices, project participants and the National Wildlife Federation, our project sponsor. We will host open community meetings to share what we have found. 

Have questions?
Please send questions, complaints, or comments about this study to: (307) 438-0947; (970)-491-5322; CSU Institutional Review Board: RICRO 99700491-1553; Karen Manzo, Rocky Mountain Tribal Institutional Review Board (406) 252-2550
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