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Thank you for taking the time to come and complete this survey. I want to make sure that the "Learn Windows App Development: The Basics" course is the best it can be, and that can only happen if I get feedback from you. This survey is broken down into a few parts. First, tell me about yourself and why you took the course. Second, tell me what you thought overall of the course. Third, let me know if you had any specific praise or issues with a movie and let me know what it is.

All of your responses are anonymous (unless you provide your contact information at the end for us to follow up and chat about your feedback).

If you have any technical issues with the course, please submit them to the tech support team through the links on the course web page.

Thanks again!

Doug Winnie (www.dougwinnie.com)

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* How likely is it that you would recommend this course to a friend or colleague?

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Extremely likely

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* Before you took this course, how would you define your Universal Windows App coding skills?

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* Were you able to complete the course?

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* Do you feel you learned something new from this course?

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* Through this course, are you interested in learning more about Universal Windows App development?

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* How would you evaluate these aspects of the course?

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Instructional Value
Companion Website
Coding Project
Video Quality
Ease of Completion

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* Do you have any detailed feedback you want to let me know about on the course?