Meowington's Cafe - A Williamsburg Cat Cafe

For those that are unaware of what a Cat Cafe is, the concept started in Asia and became popular in countries like Japan where the restrictions on animals in many of the city's apartments and condos are very strict. For those that still longed for the companionship of an animal, a Cat Cafe became very popular for allowing the patrons to have a bond with cats without having to actually to do any of the "dirty work."

When the concept came to America, the focus remained on enjoying the companionship of cats, but also on being able to adopt out cats that did not have homes. Most Cat Cafe's in America will work with a local animal shelter in their area to bring in cats without homes and get attention while waiting for someone to make them part of their family. Many Cat Cafes in America will set up between hour and two hour sessions throughout the day and you can pay for the specific time frame that you are there. Other Cat Cafes will allow customers to stay for an extended amount of time and pay for the time that they are there or even offer day passes. Many Cat Cafe's in America will either work with another bakery in the area or have a separate part of the cafe where they can buy their food and drinks and then go and enjoy their purchase while being surrounded by cats. (Although purchasing food is not necessary.)

The Heritage Humane Society located in Williamsburg will be the local shelter helping with the cats in Meowington's Cat Cafe. They have graciously agreed to help with adoptions for anyone interested in adopting a cat from the Cat Cafe.

The purpose of this survey is to find out what people would look for from a Cat Cafe in the area. Thank you for giving feedback.

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* 7. Some Cat Cafes do special events like yoga, movie night, paint night, et  cetera. Are there any events that would interest you while spending time with cats?

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