BBYO - Wisconsin Region: Committee/Chair Person Application

Hello and Thank You for applying for Wisconsin Region Chair Position or Committee.
We are excited to announce a variety of committee/chair person positions in Wisconsin Region.
Through this application you will able to apply for the following committees:

BBYO Connect Committee
Newspaper Committee
Zumba-a-thon Committee
AZAA Committee
BBG Overnight Committee
Service and Atmosphere Committee
Publicity Committee

Please answer the questions that apply to your interest and skip the ones that don't. Any questions, ask Molly, Ryan or Rachael. Thanks.

Deadline for application is September 10th.
Committees will be picked after Yom Kippur.

* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. What is the email address that you check most? (Note: As a member of a BBYO Committee, it will be a requirement to check your email regularly.)

* 3. What day(s) of the week are you available for meetings? Most meetings would be after-school between 3:30-6pm. Choose as many as you want.