Stories of change

As part of a wider effort to bring together evidence showing why increased and improved investments in sustainable livestock development are necessary, we want to enrich the formal evidence base by including experience and lessons from practice.

You can contribute to this effort by sharing examples from your work that show how livestock interventions, initiatives and investments make a positive difference to the lives and livelihoods of women and men in developing countries.

Complete this survey to share your short ‘stories of change’ that show how livestock sustainably benefit people’s welfare, livelihoods, income, health, nutrition or their environment.

Please submit your story BEFORE 14 APRIL 2019.

Please be as concrete as possible in describing your story of change. If you have more than one significant change you want to share, please submit more than one story.

We will review all submissions and contact you directly about extending them for wider publication.

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* 1. Title: Give your story a title that helps the reader understand its significance

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* 2. The change in a nutshell (300 words): Summarize your change story in a few paragraphs, addressing the following points:

What was the change, what problem was being addressed, what factors led to success, whose lives were changed and how, where did the change take place (country), and when?

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* 3. The significance of the change (100 words): Why is it significant and how is it more widely relevant?

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* 4. The success of the change (100 words): What results and outcomes did you observe and how did you measure them? 

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* 5. The strength of the evidence (100 words): What types of evidence or ‘proof’ do you have on the change(s), and how confident are you in it?

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* 6. Sustainable Development Goals: Indicate ONE sustainable development goal that the change story mainly relates to

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* 7. Sustainable livestock priorities: Indicate ONE global sustainable livestock priority that the change story mainly relates to

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* 8. More information: Please provide a link to any data, publication or web site that contains supporting information or evidence about the results and outcomes of this story

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* 10. Who is submitting this story?

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