Dear Visionary Health Care Provider,

Thank you so much for requesting this application. We’re so honored you’re even considering participating in the Whole Health Medicine Institute Class of 2022.

Please take the time to complete this application thoughtfully. You will not be judged on your writing skills, your intellect, or any conventional standard of “perfection,” so please don’t stress about this! We just want to make sure this is the right fit—for you, and for us. The more you’re willing to be open, vulnerable, and courageous, the more we can love and accept you just as you are while making sure we’re only accepting students whose needs we can meet and who are ready to commit to the program as engaged students willing to show up for yourselves and each other. 

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you want to be assured a good chance of acceptance, please submit your application expeditiously. Once you’ve submitted it, our team will be reviewing your application. Sometimes it’s clear that someone is the perfect fit, in which case you will receive an acceptance letter and enrollment is then up to you. Other times, we may reach out to schedule an interview, to make sure WHMI is the right fit for you- and you for it.  If you are invited for a screening interview, please don’t be anxious! It is not like a med school interview. The interview is simply your opportunity to ask any questions about the process and our opportunity to make sure there isn’t some other program that would suit you better.

So, please be completely honest and authentic with your answers. Your application is 100% confidential.  Don’t think too hard about these answers or spend too much time editing. Your intuitive first answer is probably the best one. Just write what comes to you and know that your answers are perfect, you won’t be graded, and if this program is right for you, we trust it will come through on these pages. 

With faith in your journey,
Lissa Rankin, MD & The Whole Health Medicine Institute Team