1. I am a:

2. I have lived in Whitefish for:

3. When family and friends visit me in Whitefish, they typically:

4. If guests stay with me in my home from out of the area, they typically visit during these months:

5. The overall benefits of tourism in Whitefish outweigh the negative impacts.

6. If visitation increases in Whitefish, the overall quality of life for residents will improve.

7. In recent years, Whitefish is becoming overcrowded because of more visitors.

8. How does tourism contribute to making Whitefish a good place to live?

9. What are the most important problems to address in creating a long-term vision and framework for the sustainable future of the Whitefish tourism economy? If you have ideas about how to address these, please include them.

10. If you would like to be kept updated on the progress of the Whitefish Tourism Master Plan, please provide: