* 1. Stompin’ Tom Connors appeared on a special broadcast of Latenight with Conan Obrien in February 2004. What was the venue for this show?

* 2. What is Tom’s real first name?

* 3. Tom got his start playing because of the encouragement of a bartender. What was his name?

* 4. What was the name of the tavern where this bartender worked?

* 5. To what CBC program did Tom contribute the theme song:

* 6. Which of Tom’s songs did Canadian General Romeo Dallaire play for his troops to keep their morale up?

* 7. Why does the name 'Bruce Penton' make Stompin' Tom fans blood boil?

* 8. What compromise did the Queen allow when she met Tom in 2002?

* 9. What was the name of Tom’s first movie?

* 10. In the song Tillsonburg what farm product is Tom picking:

* 11. Tom is called Dr. Stompin' Tom because:

* 12. What household item was Margo's Cargo destined to become?

* 13. How long did Tom 'retire' from music after returning his Juno's in protest?

* 14. To be entered into a draw for a Whisky Jack CD package enter your name and email.

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