Dear chefs, restaurateurs, and kitchen managers:  

It saddens me greatly that our industry is dealing with a third round of setbacks.  Your determination and resolve over the past 9 months have been truly inspiring to all at Creation Gardens / What Chefs Want!   I am writing on behalf of our team to express our thanks for your strength and to offer a pledge that we will do all we can to help you manage through one more time!  

We have made some obvious cuts to match our expenses to the business level.  In MOST instances, we felt it best to run fewer routes but keep the same days of service and cut off times.  Though there may be some later deliveries, we feel being there daily during these uncertain times will be the best thing we can do to help you.   

Now we ASK FOR YOUR HELP.   We want to hear from you regarding what else we can do to help you succeed. Please take this short survey and share your thoughts and ideas with our team.   For us to live up to our What Chefs Want moniker, we need your input.   We strive to be flexible to change so we can be the partner you want!  

Thank you for your help and keep your spirits high.   The opportunities on the other side will be tremendous!  

Ron Turnier - President, What Chefs Want

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* 1. What is your restaurant's response to the recent surge and government mandates?

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* 2. What's the biggest challenge facing your restaurant with the latest round of COVID restrictions? 

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* 3. How can What Chefs Want help you succeed during this time? 

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