Application for Continuing Education Funding Instructions

General information: Clinicians working within stroke care in the West GTA  Stroke Network Region can be funded for up to a maximum of $750.00  per fiscal year.  The application review committee strives to ensure fair representation throughout the West GTA Stroke Network  region when considering multiple applications.
In order to apply for funding please complete the application below. Applications will be accepted either before or after course attendance, however, applicants must pay for courses in advance and submit original receipts. If funds are not used due to course cancellation or inability to attend a course,  funds must be returned to the West GTA Stroke Network. A copy of the certificate of attendance must be submitted following course attendance.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Cost

* 3. Program/Educational Event Description

* 5. Briefly explain how this learning or educational opportunity will:

* 6. How are you planning to share your learning after attending this educational event?