Walton Academy Family Student Agreement & Survey

Welcome WAPA Parents!

Completion of this document will secure your child's enrollment for the 2017-2018 School Year.

This information is used to create a database to be used by the school.  Please remember to contact WAPA if any information you are providing changes (especially contact numbers and email addresses).  

If you have more than one child that attends WAPA, please complete one survey for each child.

The technology questions in this survey will help us plan for the upcoming school year.

Thank you for your continued support!

* 2. Please enter your child's last name

* 3. Please enter your child's first name

* 4. Please enter the following:

* 5. Mother's last name

* 6. Mother's first name

* 7. Enter your primary email address where you wish to be contacted

* 8. Cell Phone Number

* 9. Alternate Phone Number

* 10. Father's last name

* 11. Father's first name

* 12. Enter email address where you wish to be contacted

* 13. Cell Phone Number

* 14. Alternate Phone Number

* 17. Do you have access to WiFi (i.e. public library, local restaurant or business)?

* 18. I give permission for my child to be photographed, filmed or interviewed by media representatives, and photos of my child used on the school web pages or media outlets.

* 19. The Academy must have proof that every parent/guardian has had a chance to read the Family and Student Handbook. Please enter your first and last name to acknowledge that you have read the Family and Student Handbook and know the rules of the school.