Salt Creek Hemp Company is researching local interest in building a full-service processing plant on the Western Slope.

Your input is crucial as we gather an understanding of how best to serve you, the pioneering hemp farmers of Colorado. We are considering whether a co-op or an individual model would serve our community in the most productive way, while ensuring that business interests are aligned.

Within this new industry, we (and you!) recognize that there is tremendous potential in growing hemp- both agricultural and financial. However, it seems to be a well-known fact that that there is extremely limited infrastructure when it comes to supply chain and logistics.
In building a local processing facility, it is our goal to provide the services that might otherwise create a barrier to deciding to grow hemp. We want you to be able to focus on your farm, while we focus on harvesting, processing and national distribution.

ALL information you share will be kept in strict confidence.

Thank you very much for your input and support in getting started!

* 1. Where is your farm located?

* 2. Do you currently grow hemp?

* 3. If YES, how many years have you grown hemp?

* 4. If YES, how did you harvest the hemp?

* 5. If YES, how did you process the hemp? 

* 6. How many acres of hemp will you plant in 2017?

* 7. Would you consider buying hemp seed through a local processor?

* 8. How much of a concern is 'going hot' for you?

* 9. Which parts of the plant do you plan to harvest?

* 10. How are you currently planning to harvest hemp?

* 11. Do you have access to the equipment needed?

* 12. How are you currently planning to process hemp?

* 13. A co-op model has been used successfully around the world by farmers to maximize revenue and lower overhead, but it has both potential upsides and downsides for farmers who are rugged individualists.
How to you feel about being part of a regional “team” that shares the good and the less good times of this entrepreneurial project ?

* 14. Which statement best describes how you would like to sell your hemp crop?

* 15. Do you have any plans to create hemp products and sell to the public yourself?

* 16. What excites you most about growing hemp?

* 17. What are your primary concerns?