The purpose of this project is to improve the West A Street corridor beginning at the West City Limits and extending east to the intersection of Folsom Street.

* 1. What days a week is your business open?

* 2. What are your business hours?

* 3. Are there peak times when customers or clients visit? Describe below.

* 4. How many customers/clients visit your business on a typical day?

* 5. How many employees do you have at this location that commute on West A?

* 6. What type of access does your business need?

* 7. Are there certain times of year your access needs change?

* 8. Are there critical times when utility service to your business, such as water or gas, cannot be disrupted?

* 9. Is there any other information you would like us to provide about the project?

* 10. Would you like to be on the West A Street Business Advisory Committee?

* 11. Name

* 12. Address

* 13. Email

* 14. Phone Number