CUSD 200 is committed to provide a learning environment that supports and promotes wellness, good nutrition and an active lifestyle to enhance each individual's capacity to develop and learn. Recent changes in the laws governing local wellness and health policies, the rise in chronic health conditions(such as food allergies and diabetes), and the prevalence of childhood obesity has prompted the district to re-evaluate and update our current Wellness Policy.
We invite you to participate in this brief survey to assist in identifying the current views and opinions of our parents and staff. Your feedback is greatly valued and will be considered by the District 200 Wellness Committee in the review of the current Wellness Policy.
On behalf of the committee, thank you for completing this survey. If you have additional questions, please contact Joanne Panopoulos at

* 1. As the person completing this survey, I am (please check all that apply):

* 2. Are you aware that significant, life-threatening food allergies, and other chronic health issues are increasingly present in our student populations?

* 3. Are you an early childhood/elementary school parent or staff member?