The Restaurant Association of New Zealand with the support of Lead Sponsor Gilmours are proud to present the finalists for the 2021 Felix Wellington Hospitality Awards.

The finalists have been announced in the Felix Wellington Hospitality awards and now you are able to vote for the region’s best chefs, diverse foods, exceptional establishments and superb staff!

Before you start voting across our 19 categories, let's get a few rules out of the way:

Final Voting FAQ's
We've installed a bit of fancy wizardry to ensure there’s no funny business with the voting. In addition to that though, there are just a few of other guidelines in place to make sure it’s fair to all….

Who can fill out a voting form?
Anyone working in the Wellington hospitality industry can fill out a final voting form. The ‘industry’ encompasses all owners and workers at hospitality establishments and their direct suppliers.

Who can we vote for?
You can vote for any of the finalists listed, however you cannot vote for your colleagues or fellow employees, or the establishment you work for.

Can I vote for myself?
No individual is entitled to vote for themselves...that's a bit weird!

How many times can we vote?
To keep it fair, you can only submit five voting forms per business. Any forms received over and above this will be disregarded.

How many categories do I need to vote in?
As many, or as little, as you would like to.

BUT! Keep in mind - each business may only submit five voting forms. So it’ll be a bit of a waste if you only use it to vote in one or two of the categories…just something to think about.

When does voting close?
Voting closes on Sunday, 26 September at 5.00pm. Winners will then be announced at the awards evening on Sunday, 17 October.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to submit a voting form, please email