Do you want a supermarket in Welcome Bay?

What if it was on Waitaha Reserve, Waipuna Park or Owens Park?

Tauranga City Council wants to know if you support a supermarket being built on a public reserve, park or open space in Welcome Bay.

Welcome Bay Supermarket map

We know it’s a long-term goal to have a supermarket in Welcome Bay, so you have more choice and closer access to groceries. But with suitable, privately-owned land supply limited, would you be willing to give up open space for a supermarket?

Council is considering the option of developing Council-owned land. While some of Welcome Bay’s community and sports facilities may be impacted, there would be a commitment from Council to ensure no loss of service. At this stage, no decision has been made to build a supermarket. We’re simply seeking feedback from you, the community, to find out if you support a supermarket being built on Council-owned land.

The feedback received will be presented to Councillors at the Community & Culture Committee meeting on 11 July 2017, and will help Council decide if we should progress any further.

This is just the first step. If the feedback received supports the development, additional public engagement will take place.

* If "no", tell us why?

* If “yes”, which of the three locations is your preferred option?

* Why do you prefer that location?

* What suburb do you live in?

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