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Dear teachers, 

For 11 years I've been going on adventures and visiting students in schools to get them prepared.  Thanks to support from the Tasmanian Department of Education and our partners we're up and flying again in 2018. The LIVE adventure is earlier than usual, from 1st-25th May. Before then our team of scientists and adventurers would like to jump into as many schools as possible during Term 1.

Where Where Wedgie? is both a real life adventure to explore the world of Tasmania's wedge-tailed eagles AND a genuine citizen science project to help find out how many of these majestic birds we have left. The Bookend Trust is offering free in-school presentations within Tasmania and Skype hookups for everywhere else. The presentations are a great way to engage primary and high school aged students in the program. They will explain how the LIVE adventure can be used in classrooms across all year levels and *NEW THING* how anyone can help us by participating in a survey from 18th-20th May.

Subject to availability you will be offered a date and time for the 45 minute presentation or a 30 minute Skype via the email you supply below. The school visit period in 2018 is between 12th February and 13th April. If there are more than 3 classes requesting a presentation across different year levels, you may be offered back-to-back presentations. Interest in this project has been strong so it's a good idea to get this form in ASAP.

We're also offering a limited number of community presentations, after school hours, for parents and the general public who might be interested in participating in the public eagle survey.

Andrew Hughes
Bookend Trust/ Expedition Class
Before completing this form, please consult with other teachers and return one form per school.

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