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• Award nominations will describe a single outstanding PROJECT or exemplary PROGRAM completed with the 12-month period ending June 30, 2016. Do not submit a report of your organization’s complete agenda for the year. Eligible projects will focus on one or more of the following areas (for a complete description of each area, visit
• Beautification & Landscaping
• Environmental Improvement/Sustainable Practices
• Classroom, Workshop, Conference & Online Training
• Communications & Public Awareness

Each award nomination that fits an above area, must then fit one of the award categories of:

KOB YOUTH AWARDS:  Elementary/Middle School  or High School
BUSINESS: <150 Employees or >150 Employees
COLLEGIATE EFFORT: Student Driven or Faculty, Staff & Institution Driven
GOV’T PROGRAMS: Municipal/County or State/Tribal
NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (Determined by Service Area Size): < 15,000 (Guymon) 
VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY GROUP (Not Business or School Category)
Complete category descriptions can be found at 

Guymon will be recognizing nominations and winners of categories on a local level. Final award winners which meet Keep Oklahoma Beautiful guidelines will be submitted for the state awards. 

All information must be complete to qualify and nominations are due with support materials by Wednesday, July 20, 2016.  Thank you for helping us recognize locals who care about beautifying and improving Guymon! 

* 1. Nominee Information 

* 2. Your Information 

* 3. Select an area this project or program fits: 

* 4. -In the Comment Box Below, list the category and descriptor (if your category has one) in which you wish to enter this nominee.
For example, if you are entering a small business enter: Business <150 employees.
OR If you are entering a youth project involving Junior High Ages type in: KOB Youth Awards, Elementary/Middle School.
Full Categories/Descriptors are as follows: 
-KOB YOUTH AWARDS: Elementary/Middle School or High School
-BUSINESS: <150 Employees or >150 Employees
-COLLEGIATE EFFORT: Student Driven or Faculty, Staff & Institution Driven
-GOV’T PROGRAMS: Municipal/County or State/Tribal
-NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (Determined by Service Area Size): < 15,000 (Guymon)
-VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY GROUP (Not Business or School Category)

SUMMARY of Project or Program: 

* 5. Give a clear description of the program/project.

* 6. What was the planning process for this program/project ?

* 7. What is the impact and potential for longevity of the program/project? 

* 8. If the program/project requires on-going maintenance, how is that is being addressed?

* 9. How and to what extent was the community (volunteers, city leaders, businesses, other organizations/groups) was involved (i.e. time, financial or in-kind donations) with the program? (Use the additional comment box if needed.) 

* 10. Additional Comments: 

* 11. Please list a simple budget:

* 12. Include the contact information for two, no more than four, persons/organizations that funded the project and/or who benefited from the project. Provide: name, title, organization/business, street, city, state, zip, email and phone number.


Include at least five, no more than 10 photos that accurately represent your project or achievement. For projects/programs
that are showing improvement (landscaping, mural, building restoration, etc) before & after photos must be included. If emailing be sure to put KOB Nomination in the Subject, and save each photo attachment with the name of the nominee.category. Email sizes can not exceed 10 MB. Send multiple emails if needed. You may also mail or drop off entries at City Hall at 424 N. Main St., Guymon, Ok, 73942. 

At least two, no more than four, supporting documents are required. Examples would include news clippings, project graphics, brochures, screen captures of web pages, videos (2-minutes max) and can include charts and graphs highlighting the growth and/or impact of the project/program. You may also mail or drop off entries at City Hall at 424 N. Main St., Guymon, Ok, 73942. 

Emails should be sent to: with the SUBJECT: " KOB Nomination." In the body of the email label each with the name of the NOMINEE and CATEGORY. You may also mail or drop off entries at City Hall at 424 N. Main St., Guymon, Ok, 73942. 

Deadline for all support materials is Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by 5 p.m.

Receipt of your entry will be acknowledged.  If you have not received notification within 24 hours of submission please call 580-338-3396 and ask for Miranda. Award finalists will be notified by July 29, 2016.

Again thank you for taking the time to recognize someone who has worked hard to better our community and or our environment.