What do you think about the City of San Ramon's website?

The City of San Ramon website will be undergoing a redesign and redevelopment in 2017 and we want to know how we can design a new website that works for you! The following new features shall be incorporated into the redesigned site:
  • Responsive web design – website functions optimally on any screen and on any platform, easy to navigate on a mobile device
  • Better navigation, utilizing a user-focused approach with a mega drop-down menu, quick links, breadcrumbs, and an “I Want To” navigation. 
  • Improved Information Architecture - enable users to find desired information within 2-3 clicks.
  • Enhanced user-friendly citizen engagement tools
  • More visual design to make viewing content easy and fun!

The City's website can be viewed at: http://www.sanramon.ca.gov. Please help us with this important project by taking the survey below.

Thank you for your time!

* 1. Age:

* 2. Zip Code

* 3. What type of website user are you?

* 4. What information are you looking for on the City of San Ramon website?
(Find out hours of a public facility, contact a council member, find trash/recycling day, find recreation program information?)

* 5. Do you have a specific task you are trying to accomplish on the City website?
(Download a form, sign-up for a class, apply for a permit?)

* 6. What do you like about the existing City website?

* 7. What would you like to see on the new City of San Ramon website?

* 8. Any other suggestions for the new City website or online services?