Thank you for your participation in the GODAN Action Webinar on Capacity Development -

Please take a moment to complete this brief survey on the Agriculture Open Data Package.

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* 1. Name of organisation and position

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* 2. About Impact Heatmap
Please take a look at the impact heat map as included in the package (click here)
What are your overall impressions of the heatmap?
Does data impact heat map assist with decision making or help you determine next steps?
Do you agree with the weightings- why or why not?

NB More information on the data categories and their relation to agriculture and food security can be found at:

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* 3. Implementation Considerations 
Have a look at the guidance provided around practical implementation. In the AgPack we have defined 5 key considerations to become successful.
Are the key considerations addressed? too little depth/too much?
What is missing?

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* 4. Could the potentially help you in your work? 
Please take a look at the website as a whole (
  • Which aspects are most helpful/relevant?
  • Which aspects are least helpful/relevant?
  • What information is missing/would you like to see more of?

It is also possible to add comments to the google doc version of the AgPack.

Thank you. Your comments are very important to us!