Thank you so much for volunteering your time to support your community.

The purpose of the Washington County Wellness Initiative is to strengthen and transform the public health infrastructure through community-based action. There are currently eleven (11) workgroups within the WCWI working to attain our goals and nurture our community.  The success of the coalitions and the WCWI initiative is a result of local partners working together. Please join us in this effort to create healthy communities by becoming involved in and/or offering resources for any of the following areas:
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* 2. Health Care Access

* 3. Affordable Housing

* 4. Transportation

* 5. Mental Health

* 6. Lifestyle/Preventative

* 7. Suicide Prevention

* 8. Poverty Alleviation

* 9. Washington County Anti-Drug Network

* 10. Hispanic Outreach

* 11. Other Resources I Have To Offer WCWI

Thank you again for offering your time and resources to support WCWI's efforts to nurture our community!