Please provide your input to this stock-taking phase of the review of the World Bank’s Sanctions System. Your input will help evaluate the implementation of the current Sanctions System and the reforms that have been carried out to improve the system over recent years. The input received will inform a final report, that the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency will present to the Audit Committee of the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors in late 2013. Please visit the consultation website, which includes the consultation plan and an initial discussion brief, for more information:

The World Bank Group’s Sanctions System is an administrative process for sanctioning firms and individuals found to have engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices in connection with Bank-financed projects. This process provides parties alleged to have engaged in a sanctionable practice (i.e., respondents) a level of due process before a sanction, if any, is imposed.

The questions below are intended to help frame and organize your input and feedback. Your feedback will not be attributed without your consent. Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Sanctions Review Team at: We look forward to your participation in this process and the insight you will bring as we move forward with the review.