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We try hard to make sure the Wine Bloggers Conference is YOUR conference. We ask for suggestions for content and speakers. We discuss everything with our Blogger Advisory Board. And now we would like your opinion on which content sessions we should include in WBC13. Please take a moment to vote on potential content sessions for the Wine Bloggers' Conference in Penticton, BC.

Registration is open for WBC13 and we encourage you to sign up early. All info and registration information - including the recently-announced pre-conference excursions - can be found at www.winebloggersconference.org.

Thank you!

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* 1. Please indicate which of the following BREAKOUT SESSIONS you would like to see presented at WBC13.

  Yes, definitely Maybe No, not interested
Positioning Your Blog: How can you position yourself and your blog to achieve your goals, be they connecting better with the industry, making a name for yourself, or trying to generate profit.
The Ethics of Wine Writing: From accepting samples to charging for reviews to everything in between. What are the dos and don'ts for today's wine writers?
Intellectual Property Strategy & Content Attribution: Your content is your intellectual property and your identity. Learn what you can do to protect your blog's integrity, from limiting stealing to reading the fine print of sharing sites like Facebook & Instagram.
Multi-Media Blogging: Effectively incorporate other forms of media into your blogging (i.e. photography, video, podcasting, etc).
Wine, Regulation, & Global Markets: Explore the barriers that wineries have with pursuing both interstate or interprovince and global markets.
Putting on a Wine Event: Leverage your readership and build relationships by hosting local wine tasting and educational events.
Blog Bootcamp: Learn the ins and outs of the technology of blogging.
Search Engine Optimization: Learn from an expert how to maximize your visibility on search engines.
Embrace the Inner Locapour: The locavore movement has swept the continent with an explosion in the number of farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and slow food organizations. Hear about the opportunities and challenges that regional wineries face and how bloggers can get involved.
Creating Compelling Content: What do your readers want to read? Are they interested in your opinions on the wine, the details of how it is made, or the stories the winery is trying to tell?
Authority through Education: Interested to become a certified wine authority? Learn about the various certifications (i.e. WSET and CWP) and the paths you might take to become a more credible authority.
Looking Beyond Wine: How to bring additional elements and topics into your writing, such as food, travel, or even beer and spirits, to appeal to a greater variety of readers.

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* 2. There are some topics and sessions that deserve more than an hour. New in 2013, we will have several BLOCK SESSIONS of 2.5 hours where you can dive deep into a discussion, tasting, or workshop. Please indicate whether you would like to see each of the following Block Sessions presented at WBC13:

  Yes, definitely Maybe No, not interested
Stemware Tasting: Does the type, shape, and quality of stemware make a difference? Participate in a comparative stemware workshop.
Wine Judge Training & Seminar: Learn the requirements and take the initial step to add wine judging to your list of qualifications.
Photography Workshop: Grab your camera and attend this hands-on workshop of wine and food photography. Workshop will take place both in artificial and natural light settings.
Canadian Ice Wine Vertical Tasting: Explore various vintages of Canadian Ice Wines and learn about the history of this type of wine.
Wine Growing Regions of BC: Review of British Columbia's wine appellations as regulated by the Vintners Quality Alliance.