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Information Statement

You are invited to take part in a research project concerning ways of knowing and the nature of knowledge. The project is being conducted by the School of Education at James Cook University and involves a few short questions and one extended response concerning your views and experiences on a pair (e.g., nature/nurture, art/science, faith/reason). Allowing your responses to be used for research is completely voluntary and you can withdraw permission at any time without explanation or prejudice. Your contact details and identity are not recorded for the purposes of the research. The data (i.e., your responses) from the project will be used in research publications. You will not be identified in any way in these publications.

The Principal Investigator is Dr Raoul Adam (email: Raoul.Adam@jcu.edu.au). If you have any concerns regarding the ethical conduct of the study (ethics approval # H5165), please contact: Human Ethics, Research Office James Cook University, Townsville, Qld, 4811 (Phone: 07 4781 5011, email: ethics@jcu.edu.au).

1. Consent Statement

I understand that the aim of this research study is to explore ways of knowing and the nature of knowledge. I consent to participate in this project, the details of which I have been informed. I understand that my participation will involve completion of an online survey and I agree that the researcher may use the results as described in the information.

I acknowledge that: (1) taking part in this study is voluntary and I am aware that I can stop taking part in it at any time without explanation or prejudice; (2) any information I give will be kept strictly confidential and that no names will be used to identify me with this study without my approval; and (3) clicking ‘Yes’ on the button below indicates my consent to use my responses for research.