Nominations and self-nominations are invited for the Jonathan Blake Waxler Memorial Prize for Social Justice.

The Jonathan Blake Waxler Memorial Prize for Social Justice was established in 1996 to honor the memory of the beloved son of UMD English professor, Robert Waxler and his wife Linda. The $500 annual prize recognizes a student who has exhibited a dedication to social activism, advocacy, community organizing, or civic engagement as a way of enhancing the dignity of all people. The spirit of the prize is founded on Jonathan’s belief and vision for a democratic society and his commitment to social justice, especially for those less fortunate than himself.

The prize is open to a student who, within the preceding 12 months, identified an issue on the campus or in the community related to enhancing the possibility of justice and equality for everyone and worked to make this possibility into a reality through social activism, community organizing, advocacy or civic engagement.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:
1) Currently enrolled UMD student who has completed at least 30 credit hours at UMD prior to the current semester and is in good academic standing.
2) Has identified a campus or community issue related to the possibility of enhancing equality and social justice and worked to help make that possiblity into a reality.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff coordinated by the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement. The deadline for applications is March 10, 2017.

Questions, please contact Gary Marden at

* 1. Name of Applicant/Nominee:

* 2. Number of completed credit hours:

* 3. Phone Number:

* 4. Nominee's E-mail:

* 5. Nominee's Local Address:

* 6. Name of Nominator (when applicable):

* 7. Phone Number of Nominator (when applicable):

* 8. Please describe how the issue was first identified and how the nominee initiated action to address it.

* 9. Please describe the impact the nominee made on the community and the impact this project has had on the nominee.