The IBM University Programs team is inviting faculty to infuse their research with Watson's intelligence. To access Watson Cloud instances, and to join IBM in creating an ecosystem of innovators and researchers, please provide the information requested. Each month entries of interest to IBM will be considered for access to Watson Cloud instances and/or awards. When you select "Done" the form is sent to a representative on the University Programs team who will respond.

* 1. University Name (please do not abbreviate e.g., San Jose State University, not SJSU)

* 2. Professor name

* 3. Primary contact email address (e.g.,

* 4. Domain (e.g., "Healthcare")

* 5. Research task (e.g., "Find most relevant text in corpus")

* 6. Data corpus (e.g., "Complete collection of Journals")

* 7. Potential users in year 1 (e.g., "about 50 users")

* 8. Delivery model (e.g., "SaaS")

* 9. Business model (e.g., "Open source Bluemix & Startup")

* 10. Usage requirements (e.g., "20 GB training data, 20 queries per hour")