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Public Call for Waterfront Activations
Issued April 2021
It is an exciting time to be in Nova Scotia at the water's edge.  It is here where residents and visitors alike come to experience and celebrate our maritime culture, where we find and nurture inspiration. As a province, our place by the sea is our greatest natural advantage. 

Develop Nova Scotia curates and manages the Halifax and Lunenburg Waterfronts. Every year, together with our community and partners,  we welcome and host a variety of festivals, activities, events and programs in these popular places by the sea. 

What's Waterfront +?
Given that this year (2021/22), more than perhaps any other year, we are all motivated to get outside, get active, and find fun and safe activities. We also know that organizations are looking for open spaces where they can host their events - why not consider the waterfront? Now is the time to ask: How can we all work together to ensure there's always something interesting going on at #mywaterfront (either in Halifax or Lunenburg)?  What can you add (+) to the waterfront?

We are inviting you to add to the waterfront. Share with us how you might bring a waterfront space to life - small or large, any time of year, several times a month or year, or just once.  

How do you submit your ideas and when's the deadline?
It's easy to submit your ideas  - just respond to the questions below as soon as possible. The initial submission review deadline is April 29, 2021. If you've missed this deadline, don't worry, we'll be reviewing submissions monthly, or maybe even more frequently. That's it - easy!
May 27, 2021
June 24, 2021
July 29, 2021

Once you submit, Develop Nova Scotia may short-list submissions for potential meetings, discussions and/or presentations.  Knowing you'll be eager to get your planning underway, we will get in touch with you within 30 days of the review deadline date.
*Please Note: If your idea cannot be accommodated on the waterfront, we will help you look for other suitable locations! 

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* 1. First things first. Please provide name and contact details for the primary point of contact for this activation idea. If you belong to or represent an organization, agency, business or association under whose name this activation will take place - please include that as well.

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* 2. What type of organization are you?

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* 3. Is your organization active online? If so, please do provide links for your website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and any others you'd like to include.

So before you dive in and start answering more questions - let's just take a moment to set the scene.

What we are seeking are potential partners with whom we can collaborate with who want to host interesting, creative, unique, entertaining, welcoming and inclusive activities to be enjoyed by people on the Halifax and Lunenburg Waterfronts. 

Generally speaking,  activations should be accessible to the public (either for free or by purchasing a ticket or making a donation - or a combination of any of these!). 

New and different ways to experience the waterfronts are always popular - so use your creativity.  And don't forget - we're right next to the water so feel free to explore how boaters and other water users might be able to participate or enjoy?

Great experiences don't need to be big and elaborate - small, simple and engaging works too.

Family-friendly is ALWAYS welcome (pets are family as far as we're concerned)!

Maybe it's a fitness class or art experience? Maybe it's a new festival or a monthly musical feature? Maybe it's an outreach program or a group meditation? Maybe it's a traditional cultural ceremony or event you'd like to share with the public?

Whatever the idea is - as long as it enhances the public's enjoyment and engagement with these special public spaces, those are the kind of ideas we're looking for.

It is important to note, this is NOT an invitation for proposals to start up a business or fill a tenant kiosk on the waterfront.  Those public invitations for new businesses are managed through other processes and are issued when regular turnover of existing leases and licenses occur. (If that is what you'd like to explore, please email

And while you may be most familiar with large, special events on the Halifax waterfront that pop up within existing parking lots (like TD Halifax Jazz Fest and Halifax Busker Festival) - we'd encourage you to think somewhat differently.  The waterfronts offer all types of spaces, intimate and open, new and old, quiet and busy, that are just waiting to host all different types of activations.  It's easy to spread out along the boardwalks (almost 4 km long in Halifax) and enjoy safe and healthy outdoor activity. If you have a space in mind, please let us know - we'll also offer suggestions based on your idea too! 

So now that we've laid the foundation - continue on please! Not too many questions left now.  Tell us about what type of activity, class, celebration, experience, entertainment, or gathering you envision on the waterfront?

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* 4. This great idea you have - where do you see it taking place?

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* 5. Can you describe the activity for us? What will people see, do, experience, hear while it's taking place?

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* 6. What times or seasons during the year could this take place? Do you have specific dates in mind?
PS. Bonus points for stuff in the fall and winter seasons!

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* 7. How often do you see this activity/activation happening?

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* 8. We'd love to hear whether your idea would or could support (check all that apply) and then tell us how in the comment section!

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* 9. Additionally, might or could your idea support the following (check all that apply) and then tell us how in the comment section!

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* 10. How will you make this activity financially viable? 
Generally speaking, as your hosting partner, sponsorship support from Develop Nova Scotia could include providing the space, along with garbage and maintenance servicing, security, electricity (if on-site available power will meet your needs), along with some promotion and marketing.

From the list below, pick the option that best describes your model, or describe under 'other'...

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* 11. Can you tell us a bit about the audience(s) you believe will be interested in attending, participating or experiencing this activity? How many do you expect? Do they have a special interest? Do you expect people of all ages, all abilities?

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* 12. Can you tell us about your, or your organizations, past experience in managing and carrying out this type of activity?

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* 13. Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

On behalf of Develop NS, thank you for sharing and submitting your idea(s) for consideration. The initial review of submissions will take place after April 29, 2021. We will be in touch with you within 30 days (or earlier) to notify you of next steps.
And you're done - just click the 'Done' button below!