Waste Free VC is working to develop a detailed understanding of the current state of edible food loss in Ventura County. Through this survey we are seeking to identify the following information associated with food waste:

- Type and quantity of food currently being donated annually
- Current volume of edible food not recovered
- Policies that support food recovery
- Barriers to making food donations
- Solutions to addressing these barriers (current solutions or new ideas)
- Best programs in other communities or already underway here in Ventura County

We estimate the survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. Your participation is voluntary; you may skip questions or end the survey at any time.

We hope you will take the time to complete this survey which will help us identify and prioritize food recovery solutions here in Ventura County. Individual responses will be held in strict confidentiality; findings will be reported solely in compiled form to ensure anonymity. Thank you for your time!

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* 1. Organization Type (Choose the one that best describes your organization.)

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* 2. Organization Information

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* 3. Does your organization donate food to a food recovery or redistribution organization?