There are 21 questions, and we should not take more than 20 minutes. We really appreciate your time in contributing to this exercise. If you would like to hear more from us when we've analysed all the responses and are starting to finalise our plans, please give a contact name and email and we'll be in touch.

Some of the questions are similar, and there are plenty of places where you can add your own thoughts. If you've said something once, there is no need to repeat yourself if the issue comes up again.

This first section is just a couple of questions to help us understand who our partners are.

* 1. Please give the name of your organisation

* 2. if you are happy for us to keep in contact with you, please give

* 3. Approximately how many people work for your organisation full-time?

* 4. What type of activities are you involved in? e.g. network, service delivery, campaigning, media, other?

* 5. What is your main region of interest (e.g. Kenya / rural north-east Uganda / East Africa)

* 6. Are you more interested in: