* 1. Which of the vessels at the museum (HMAS Vampire, Onslow and Advance) did you serve on and when, and what was your role?

* 2. Tell us about a memory/story you have about an event/occurence/moment in a particular room on board the vessel(s).

* 3. Describe a ‘hairy moment’ during your service on the vessel(s).

* 4. What did you miss while at sea, and what do you miss most about not being at sea?

* 5. Can you recall any interesting or eccentric characters encountered during your time on the vessel(s)?

* 6. What impact did your service have on your family life?

* 7. What story about your time on the vessel(s) makes you laugh most when you recall it?

* 8. If you would like to share more detail about your experiences or have more to tell us about life on board the vessel(s), please leave your details so we can get in contact with you.