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Concerned about the rapid rate of development in Warkworth and Council’s delay to start planning for growth, a group of locals has prepared a  high level framework to guide the next steps of detailed structure planning and plan changes that will determine the urban land uses of the Future Urban zoned land in the Unitary Plan.

The proposal is intended to generate community thought, discussion and feedback to inform a community-led spatial plan, which can be submitted to Council so it can be used for detailed structure planning and future zone changes.

The proposal aims to speed up the planning process, which is vitally important if Warkworth has any hope of developing in a coordinated way.

This survey replicates a hard copy document, which is being widely circulated in the community. If you would prefer a printable version of this survey or have any other enquiries please email wwspatial@gmail.com

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

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