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And together, we CAN shape our school to reflect what is important to all of us AS A COMMUNITY!

Things to Know about this Survey:
  • This survey is 100% anonymous.
  • You should take one survey for each child. Complete this one first and then come back to the same link for the next one.
  • This survey asks specific questions about learning, physical/emotional safety, community and communication at our school. 
  • There are 24 questions, mostly multiple choice, and four open-ended questions. Please do not skip questions, if you don't have additional comments, please write "none" or "not applicable".
  • It should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • The results of this survey will be collected and analyzed by the PAC. Data will be analyzed by PAC members and then shared with Walker's Parent/Caregiver community, Principal Lumpkin and District 65.
  • The deadline for completing the survey is April 5, 2019. 

-- What should I do with my completed survey? --

Please place completed survey in envelope provided, seal it and return to your child’s teacher.

Thank you so much for your participation!

Question Title

1. In order to get the most accurate results, please take one survey per student. Please check the grade that corresponds to the student you are referencing for this survey.

Question Title

2. Please rank your priorities for your student at Walker on a scale of 1-4:

(1 being the most important, 4 being the least important.):

  1 2 3 4
Emotional Safety (e.g., student feels safe and secure at school, student has positive relationships with teachers, staff and peers in school)
Challenging and Engaged Instruction (e.g., academic success, differentiated learning, special services, communication between teachers/parents)
School Safety (e.g., building safety, traffic, fire drills, security)
Community Engagement and Communication (e.g., communication between administration/parents, opportunities to be involved and participate at school events, etc.)