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The City of Vaughan has initiated a study to develop a new city-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan. The study will build on the 2007 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan and the 2012 Transportation Master Plan Pedestrian and Bicycle Network with the objective:

“ To inspire trust, confidence and collaboration among stakeholders and residents of Vaughan to build support for walking, rolling and biking in the City by undertaking a robust and transparent engagement process in the development of a new Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.”
By completing this survey you will have the option to enter your name into a draw for a chance to win a Fitbit! The survey should take approximately 7 minutes to complete.
As part of Phase 1 of the engagement process, the study team is undertaking this survey in order to:

  • Identify key destinations and current travel choices;
  • Explore perceptions related to walking, rolling and biking
  • Understand opportunities and barriers to walking, rolling and biking in Vaughan;
  • Explore perceived benefits and motivators to walking, rolling and biking; and
  • Gauge willingness to consider walking, rolling and biking.
Your input will be used to:
  • Update existing network plans and develop a draft network plan for further public and stakeholder input in Phase 2;
  • Develop a brand for walking, rolling and biking in Vaughan;
  • Shape the development of other components of Vaughan’s new plan including the outreach, education and awareness plan as well as identification of supportive policies, by-laws and procedures; and  
  • Inform future initiatives to provide residents with more travel choices based on preferences and opportunities identified. 
The survey will close on August 4, 2017 and the prizes will be drawn shortly afterwards.

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