Survey for Outdoor Activity Tourism Providers in Wales


Miller Research on behalf of Visit Wales (VW) has been commissioned to undertake a detailed economic analysis of the impact and value of the outdoor activity tourism (OAT) sector within Wales (in terms of financial value and employment).

With the help and support of the sector, we believe this research will offer a robust evidence base which will demonstrate the economic importance and impact of the sector to decision makers and Ministers. This has the potential to justify and influence future support for outdoor activity tourism and ultimately help your sector in achieving its potential.

Of course, the quality of our research will be heavily dependent on the level of sector engagement we achieve. We would therefore really appreciate your help in contributing to the evidence base through completing the following survey.

*** This is not an attempt to steer legislation on countryside access, or to comment on the shared use of the landscape. Any current work by Welsh Government on this issue is completely unrelated and separate to our work for WATO. ***

We would also really appreciate your help in sharing our visitor survey with your customers and others who may have participated in outdoor activity tourism through any means possible (e-mail, website, Twitter, other social media platforms). The link is provided below:

Data Use & Protection Please note that the data we collect will not be used for any other purpose than for the economic impact of the outdoor activity tourism in Wales. We will not pass the data on to any third parties and we will destroy your details once the evaluation is complete. Your business will not be identified personally in any reporting. We conduct all our research according to the Market Research Society guidelines.

If you would like more information about how we will use the data you provide, please email and quote OUTDOOR ACTIVITY TOURISM BUSINESS

If you would like to view and complete the survey in Welsh then please use the following link: