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* Appointment with:

* Appointment Date:

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* Patient Status:

* Our Facility:

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The office is conveniently located
Reception area is neat and welcoming.
Procedure room atmosphere is neat and clean

* Appointment/Phones:

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Staff is courteous and helpful when scheduling an appointment.
I am able to obtain an appointment in a reasonable amount of time.
The phone choices (auto-attendant) are easy to understand and easy to use
I am able to speak to a scheduler or nurse when calling the office or I receive a call back in a timely manner.
Appointment time meets my needs.

* Billing/Insurance Department:

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My bill is easy to understand
Staff is courteous and friendly on the phone.
Staff returns calls within a reasonable time frame
Staff is competent in answering my insurance/billing issues or questions in a competent manner and language I can understand.

* Front Office Staff:

  agree disagree N/A
Front office staff greets me in a friendly manner and registers me promptly.
Front office staff treats me with respect and courtesy.
Front office staff works with a professional and caring attitude.
The waiting time to register is acceptable.

* Clinical Staff: Physician's Nurses

  agree disagree N/A
The nurses and staff greet me either personally or on the phone in a friendly and caring manner.
My questions and needs are handled in an acceptable manner.
Clinical Staff provides me with Educational materials that are helpful.

* Endoscopy Staff (Nurses and Technicians)

  agree disagree N/A
The Endoscopy Staff greets me in a friendly and caring manner.
The Endoscopy Staff is knowledgeble about the procedures and the post-procedural process and are able to communicate this information to patients and family members.
The Wake Endoscopy staff made my experience as comfortable and stress free as possible.
I received my test results the day of the procedure and a copy of the report was given to me.
Educational materials were made available to me by the staff.

* Physician/Physician's Assistant:

  agree disagree N/A
My physician explained fully what he/she would be doing.
Physician asked questions to understand my condition
My procedure was performed with minimal discomfort.
I was notified of the pathology/lab/x-ray results in a timely manner.
The physician/physician's assistant demonstrates a caring and approachable attitude.

* Overall Satisfaction:

  agree disagree N/A
My privacy and the privacy of other patients is respected.
I am satisfied with the medical/clinical services provided by Wake Endoscopy Center.
I would recommend Wake Endoscopy Center to my family and friends.

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