Agreement - Please Read

* 1. BELARI pro bono is a service provided by Mark K. Baumann, Attorney at Law PS. Our current pro bono clinic is limited to people in Clallam and Jefferson County, Washington State, who need legal assistance to obtain a domestic violence protection order (DVPO). This BELARI pro bono service does not represent clients in court, but we can provide legal advice and help with filling out forms to obtain a DVPO.

Before we can communicate with you, we need to do a conflict of interest check and inform you about our services, so we ask that you read this questionnaire carefully and answer the nine questions here which only ask you for basic information. Mark Baumann has been a licensed attorney in Washington State since 1989. You can check Mr. Baumann’s web page (clicking link will automatically open a new browser window) ( and confirm his license status at the Washington State Bar Association site (

Once you answer the questions, we will check to make sure we do not have any conflicts of interest, and then we will contact you about the next steps. We try to respond to all inquiries as soon as we receive them, but Survey Monkey may take up to 26 hours to deliver your answers to us. If you have an emergency situation, you should call 911, or a local domestic violence agency. You can also contact the NW Justice project or other pro bono agency who may be able to provide in-court representation for you.

It is important for us to be clear that until we agree otherwise, we are not your lawyer. Nor are we your lawyer just because you fill out this questionnaire. By clicking below you acknowledge that you understand this questionnaire is only a request for services, and not a services agreement.

The rest of this survey asks for the names of people involved and your phone number and email address. This information will be kept as confidential as if you had telephoned our office directly. We will not provide your information to anyone else without your permission first. However, Mr. Baumann represents people in family court, and his office may be representing the other person involved in your case, and if you already know he is representing the other person you should not complete this questionnaire. If you wish to keep your name and contact information completely confidential, even from Mr. Baumann’s office, you should not complete this questionnaire.

This pro bono clinic is a part of a legal research project. The purpose of the research project is to better understand the nature of conflict and find ways to better help people who need to use the legal system for protection. If you are accepted as a client, all information you provide to your legal team is confidential and will always remain so. Any information used for research or educational purposes will be stored and/or used anonymously. By clicking below, you acknowledge that you understand information you provide to a BELARI legal professional may be used anonymously for research and education purposes. (If legal services are provided to you, you always have the right to terminate those legal services at any time.) Please note, the Law Office of Mark Baumann does not take direct requests for pro bono cases, and only takes pro bono cases referred through this Survey Monkey questionnaire, other surveys/questionnaires, or from direct referrals from other attorneys, mental health professionals, physicians, and other pro bono programs.

* 2. Are you looking for legal services, or are you a professional interested in BELARI’s research program?

* 3. Does your case involve domestic violence issues? If you are unsure, read about domestic violence on the internet. DV includes physical violence, and also any behavior or pressure by someone who is trying to control your choices.

* 4. Please state your full name and any prior names you have used.

* 5. Please state the full name (and past names) of the other party involved (or if you are a professional, the name of the organization you are associated with).

* 6. Please state the names of any other people involved in your situation.

* 7. If the other party has an attorney already, please state that attorney's name if you know it.

* 8. Please type in your email address that you want us to contact you at.

* 9. Please type in your phone number that you want us to contact you at.