1. Introduction

The Public Service Department ("PSD") is particularly interested in public input on the following questions regarding the 2015 Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan ("CEP") Update.  These questions will frame discussions at the public meetings described at http://www.energyplan.vt.gov.  You may provide response to any questions of interest and/or not comment on any topics you wish to leave blank (see question topics and associated page numbers below). 

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Question topics include
  • Document Structure, Updates & Learning from Other Initiatives (Page 3)
  • Energy Goals (Page 4)
  • Questions Raised in the Total Energy Study (Page 5)
  • Access to & Mobilization of Capital (Page 6) 
  • Transportation (Page 7)
  • Electric Grid (Page 8)
  • Economic Development (Page 9)

*If you wish to provide self-directed comments and/or comments on other topics, please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/vtcepOC.