Your feedback is important and greatly appreciated.

We are collecting this information on behalf of the Goodhue Co. SMART and Safe Harbor Protocol Team, which is made up of agencies involved in responding to sexual assault cases, trafficking, and sexual exploitation; including advocacy, prosecution, law enforcement, healthcare providers, and other community agencies.  We will be asking about your opinions and experiences, so there are no right or wrong answers.  Your participation in this survey and the views you express will have no impact, positive or negative, on community services you are eligible for or with the agencies represented by the SMART or Safe Harbor Protocol Team.  Please share your views honestly and candidly. All survey answers are confidential and will only be used for evaluating and improving services.

If you feel uncomfortable while filling out the survey and wish to speak with an advocate, please call the HOPE Coalition 24-hour confidential support line: 1-800-519-6690