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Thank you for your interest in the BioTechniques 2013 Virtual Symposium on "EXPLORING THE MODERN LAB" to be held Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Over 3,800 people registered for our first event and we are expecting even more this year. Register today and ensure your place at the show for this FREE, VIRTUAL event.


Methods are the foundation of any modern biological research lab. They enable research, making it possible to experimentally test far-reaching hypotheses quickly. With this in mind, the BioTechniques 2013 Virtual Symposium will celebrate the creativity and imagination behind today’s most innovative methods and techniques. Through a wide range of talks, posters, workshops, and special keynote addresses, learn what is driving research in the modern lab.

The show features:

* Session 1: Advancing Molecular Biology (Cloning / Mutagenesis, Analysis of Gene Regulation)
* Session 2: PCR in 2013 (qPCR, Multiplex PCR, Digital PCR)
* Session 3: Understanding Modern Biochemistry (Protein Isolation, Protein Analysis Protein Structure)
* Session 4: Modern Cellular Imaging (Light Microscopy, Fluorescent Probes and Proteins, High-content Imaging)
* A BioTechniques 30th Anniversary Lecture on Gene Delivery
* A Workshop on Plastic Labware Leaching
* An exhibit hall, poster hall, networking opportunities, Q&A sessions with presenters, and more.

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