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Dear clinical community,  
Computational modelling and simulations (CM&S) are believed to offer numerous advantages in clinical practice and healthcare. However, the extent to which these tools are currently used, understood or accepted in the clinical community is not well known.

We invite you to participate in our survey aimed at evaluating the current level of awareness and use of Computational modelling and simulations in clinical practice. This survey is designed to gather insights about the potential barriers and opportunities that medical professionals face when implementing these tools in their daily clinical practice. We encourage you to answer the survey even if you feel that you have little experience or have never used computational tools in your practice.
We greatly appreciate your participation in this survey, as your valued opinion and personal insights will help better understand the expectations. Thank you in advance for your time and support.
The clinical community outreach working group,
Virtual Physiological Human Institute - VPHi
11% of survey complete.