We are very opposed to having an In-N-Out Burger fast food restaurant and drive-thru built where the Elephant Bar was located at 499 E. Hamilton at the intersection of Highway 17 in Campbell.

This proposal is bad for neighbors and worse for Campbell & San Jose. More fast-food drive-thru businesses in this area, especially one as large and popular as In-N-Out, will increase traffic where it is already a huge problem.

Hamilton at Highway 17 (880) North and South is already over-saturated with cars and highly trafficked commercial businesses including Fry’s, Staples, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panera, and a 300+ apartment complex on Almarida. More importantly, Almarida and Central, the two streets directly adjacent to the site, are gateways to the quiet, tree-lined residential Hamann Park neighborhood, which includes Campbell & San Jose, and is home to thousands of homeowners and residents. This is not the place to put an In-N-Out.

The Hamann Park neighborhood has many other entry points besides Almarida and Central – streets such as Payne, David, Fireside, Walgrove Way, Williams, Moorpark, and others are already used by non-residents to cut through our neighborhoods to avoid congested traffic at 17 at Hamilton and Winchester. We also have 4 schools in our neighborhoods, and the safety of residents and children is a huge issue with extra traffic. Many In-N-Out’s are open 15 hrs. a day from 10:30 AM to 1:30 AM, compounding the safety issue!

We ask city officials, as well as In-N-Out, to consider the consequences of this project and make the responsible decision for the future of Campbell, San Jose, and even Los Gatos residents who also use Highway 17 and our major streets. Reject the proposed plan to build an In-N-Out at the gateway to our beautiful communities.
Visit our Citizens For Sensible Growth website at http://www.citizensforsensiblegrowth.com
to see research on this important issue and why it matters to you.
This petition will be delivered to Mayors of Campbell & San Jose, Campbell Planning Commission.

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