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* 6. The DCF Kids Fund is implementing the 2016 Holiday Gift Drive, with the goal of providing gifts to 50,000 children across the Commonwealth.  We need volunteers in every area to achieve our goal. Please indicate your interests below (choose as many as you wish):

* 7. Are you willing/able to transport gifts? (we need volunteers who are willing to go to local companies to pick up gifts, and drop them off at area offices)

* 8. If so, do you have access to a large vehicle or truck?

* 9. We have 29 DCF Area Office locations, where would you like to volunteer? (click all that apply.)

* 10. Generally, what days might you be available to volunteer? 

Thank you so much for your help!
If you would like to sponsor a child, teen, or family, please take our Holiday Donor Survey at this web address: